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About NGSNavigators

Welcome! I'm so glad you found NGSNavigators!

So, what are we all about? 

Our mission is to provide NGSS professional development that is effective....and efficient! 

What should you expect?

  • Too much new information crammed in too short of time leading to overwhelm and no time for processing. NGSS content and resources strategically released based on your schedule that keep you informed, but not overwhelmed. Plus immediate actionable steps to enable effective processing and implementation. 
  • Little to no support when it comes time for actual implementation--OR busy paperwork to "prove" implementation is taking place (which leaves even LESS time for authentic implementation). Continuous support through our private forum. Plus, opportunities to collaborate with teachers/NGSS experts and scientists around the world. Since teachers are our only clients, we do not require ANY extra paperwork. 
  • A lot of cutesy fluff or fads. Nope. 
  • Power Point presentations where the speaker reads from the slides verbatim. A variety of media will be used to present content: video with transcripts, editable templates, podcasts...Plus, there will be gamification with prizes to encourage participation and add some fun into learning! 
  • Held at inconvenient times or places NGSNavigators is specifically designed to be accessible anytime and anyplace! You move at your own pace. Content is available in a variety of medium to be as accessible as possible because we know how busy teachers are all the time.
  • Irrelevant content NGSNavigators work only for teachers!! We pledge to be responsive to your needs. We encourage feedback so that while you are busy teaching, we are busy creating the resources you need! 
  • Awkward and time consuming icebreakers  Never.


NGSNavigators online professional development launches in Early Spring 2019!! 

 Sorta Short Bio of the Founder of NGSNavigators

I'm Margaret O'Sullivan, the founder of NGSNavigators. For 15 years, I taught science. In that time, I earned a Masters of Science in Science Education, a Masters in Teacher Leadership, and National Board Certification in Early Adolescence. It is a fact that I love teaching and learning science!

At the beginning of my career, after realizing my state science standards were "blah", I focused on the Benchmarks for Science Literacy, as well as National Science Education Standards to guide my lesson and unit planning. Later, I added A Framework for K-12 Science Education to the mix when it was published in 2011. And I dived straight into the Next Generation Science Standards when they were released in 2013. My state was an early adopter so our district slowly began providing professional development to "unpack the standards". I'm a true believer in these standards. I've experienced, first hand, the positive transformations my students make with phenomena based learning. I'm excited to share what I've learned with you. And I'm excited to learn from you all too.

Please contact our team at [email protected] with any questions, comments, or suggestions! 










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