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NGSS by Design

Effective, Efficient, and Engaging online professional development so you can confidently implement the Next Generation Science Standards (and still have time for your personal life). 

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If you're a science teacher looking to transform your current curriculum into NGSS designed curriculum, then you already know that this shift is time and energy intensive.

Even if you're lucky to have district purchased NGSS aligned curriculum, you still need to design it to meet your students' needs and with your school's resources. 



Now Imagine this:

  • Online professional development that fits your schedule so you can learn when and where it's convenient for you.
  • Bite size learning modules with immediate action steps so even if you just have 20 minutes to spare you can still make progress towards your NGSS goals.
  • Monthly online coaching from actual NGSS experienced teachers so you can get support from those who know what it's like in a classroom.
  • Learning NGSS by designing a unit that not only fits the needs of your students and the resources at your school but also complements your teaching style and passions. This doesn't mean starting from scratch either. NGSS doesn't require you to start over. We promise.

Why Unit Designing?

Yes, designing a NGSS unit will require some heavy lifting especially if you're new to  NGSS, but we believe it will end up giving you back time to do what you became a teacher to do---TEACH...and have time to enjoy your personal life.

  • When you design your NGSS unit, you create a system that works for your students AND you. The Next Generation Science Standards are not a curriculum. They are a guide, a framework, of what students need to understand to build a strong foundation of science literacy. You get to decide the details of how that's done. So why not use that freedom to design effective lessons that play to your strengths as well as your students? And we're here to help! 
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What's Inside NGSS by Design? (not this ^)

What You're Getting Inside Our Complete NGSS Professional Development Membership Program:

  • 5 Core Phases of Step-by-Step Video Training that walks your through the 7 Steps of Designing an Effective NGSS Unit that complements your teaching strengths AND meets your students' needs & school resources.
  • Each phase is broken down into short video modules and immediate action steps. 

  • No need to fall into the black hole fo Google--each phase includes a resource library.
  • Monthly online NGSS instructional coaching by experienced NGSS classroom teachers.
  • A growing community forum of NGSS teachers either through our Members Only Facebook Group or our Private Online Forum.
  • Monthly games with prizes to add a little extrinsic motivation! 
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion for each completed module to turn in for Continuing Education credit. 
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NGSS by Design Roadmap

Each phase is made up of short video modules that break down the NGSS unit design process into immediate actionable steps. Don't underestimate the compound effect: small steps + consistency + time = massive results. The key is to start now.

Phase 1: Novice

Before we dive into unit planning we get you comfortable with the program's set up with an orientation. There's an optional NGSS 101 module for those just starting out with NGSS, but highly recommended for any member to watch. You'll also set up a welcome call to discuss your goals and specific NGSS professional development needs.

Go from NGSS OVERWHELM--> understanding the basics of NGSS and pumped up to start designing a unit that truly works for you and your students!

Phase 2: Emerging

Here you'll bundle your performance expectations, choose an anchoring phenomenon that is relevant to your students, and design a summative 3D assessment with an aligned rubric. Knowing the big picture will keep you focused on the main goals of your instructional sequence and allows you to eliminate "fluff'. Think of this as your planned final destination. 

Then design an outline of a coherent unit story line with relevant investigative phenomena clarifying your instructional sequence and ensuring that each lesson is purposeful and intentional. This is your map.

Go from "Where do I even start?' to "Not only to I know where we're headed, I have GPS to guide me too! "

Phase 3: Developing

Now we zero in on the individual lessons in your unit's storyline sequence. Each video will guide you through a step by step process of creating 3 dimensional lesson plans. These are the detailed directions telling you what you have do to to get to where you want.

From: "How EXACTLY do we do this?" to "I know each step of the way."

Phase 4: Proficient

Time to zoom back out and view the unit as a whole again. Use the EQuIP rubric and a fellow NGSS Designer to review your unit design. 

From “Is this really an NGSS unit?” ---> “I am confident I have a NGSS designed unit plan in place that is just right for me and my students.”

Phase 5: Mastery

It's go time! We're here to support you through teaching your unit and analyzing student work. We'll reflect on went "right" and learn from what went "wrong". Then, revise and submit it to Achieve for a Design Badge review. 

Monthly Motivations Schedule

Shifting how you design your science units and, as an effect, your teaching practices is not easy and can feel uncomfortable. You might start off with positive intentions to implement the necessary changes NGSS requires. But we all know the school year is as stressful as it is delightful and human nature's tendency is to go back to what's comfortable. To help keep you motivated and on track we include this monthly motivation schedule.

What teachers are saying..

This is what teachers had to say about the lesson planning challenge which focused on just one of the NGSS by Design modules-3D lesson planning.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, for a few reasons. A big component of NGSS is the emphasis of all standards for all students. Phenomena chosen should be relevant to your students. Lessons need to be differentiated to meet your students' needs. You need to be comfortable and very familiar with how and why the unit's lessons are sequenced the way they are so that your teaching strategies are intentional and purposeful.

So, if you do have NGSS units already supplied by your district (or from other trusted sources--like design badge units from Achieve) it would be beneficial for you to go through NGSS by Design with that unit in order to make the adjustments needed to meet your students' needs and to fully understand the purpose of each lesson and why its sequence is structured the way it is. You'll most likely progress through the phases faster than those creating their own units. Plus, you'll get support while you're teaching the unit too and help with analyzing your students' work.

It's also important for you to design your NGSS units to meet YOUR needs as a teacher as well. 

You control the pace. Since this is a monthly membership program there is no deadline. You are never behind. We suggest that you create goals for yourself and work towards achieving them.

  • You are feeling overwhelmed with NGSS implementation and in need of a guided process that works with your schedule.
  • Or you're ready to take it to the next level and create your own NGSS units. 
  • You need some structure on how to plan for NGSS 3 dimensional instruction but also enjoy adding your own spin to it.
  • You value collaboration with other science teachers around the world to share resources, strategies, ideas, wins, and challenges.
  • You don't want to spend all your time looking for resources. You want a one shop stop of everything you  need to get it going.
  • You want engaging professional development that's available when you are and is responsive to what you need.

A membership is different from a course because there is no end date until you decide not to renew. You either pay monthly or  yearly.

What you get with the membership:

  • Step by step guidance to designing a NGSS Unit Plan.
  • Monthly Hot Seat Calls
    Twice a month, our members are coached on these live calls and given feedback, support, and guidance for whatever phase they are in. You can grab a hot seat for yourself, tune in live and learn, or watch a replay of past hot seat calls.
  • Live Q&A session.
  • Monthly NGSS Bingo Challenge: We gamify learning and implementation with our monthly NGSS Bingo Challenge--Get quick wins to maintain momentum and accountability (there will be prizes). 
  • Members only Facebook Group and a Members Only Forum. You're not gonna have to figure this out on your own!  Our entire community is here and ready for you - to cheer you on, answer your questions, and hold you accountable.
  • If you're looking for 'done for you' units, this is not the program for you. 

We close our doors, so that we can solely focus on our getting our new members situated and comfortable with our program. Once our new members have gotten into a groove, we will open again for the next cohort. 

Enrollment and price: Doors open for enrollment Sunday, Oct. 6th and close Thursday, Oct. 10th. 

Welcome Week for everyone begins Monday, October 14th, 2019 and Phase 1 begins October 21st, 2019. 

We accept Purchase Orders from schools. Find out if there are professional development funds available.

We provide the certificates needed to earn continuing education credits and will work with your district to meet any other requirements so you can earn those hours (each state is different). 

If you are paying by PO, please email us at [email protected] and we'll get you set up. 


If you are paying by PO, please email us at [email protected] and we'll get you set up. 

NGSS by Design Pricing Options

Choose a plan that works for you! We do accept School Purchase Orders. Email [email protected] to get your Purchase Order started.




5 Phase NGSS Unit Design Step by Step Guided Process--knowing where to start and where you're headed helps you maintain focus towards your goals.

Less Time searching Google and Pinterest...Priceless

Coaching 2x/month from experienced NGSS teachers.

Monthly prizes to help keep you motivated and recognized for a job well done!

Members only Community Forum and Facebook Group so you can connect with other NGSS teachers

Live Q&A Sessions-get answers to YOUR specific questions!

Receive Certificates of Completion after each module to use for continuing education credits. 

All this for $0.83/day! 

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Get 12 months of NGSS by Design for the price of 10 months! 

You get everything included in the monthly package but save about $40!

That comes to $0.68/day!

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Satisfaction Guarantee

100% no hassle refund within 2 weeks of purchase if you decide this program is not for you.

Even once the 2 weeks is up, you can cancel anytime (hassle free-no questions asked) and only be charged the prorated price. 

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Next time enrollment opens prices will be higher!









   Meet your Guide:

Margaret O'Sullivan

  • Host of NGS Navigators:  A Podcast for NGSS educators. 
  • Science teacher since 2001. NGSS teacher since it was in draft form.
  • Believer that NGSS classrooms are powerful classrooms.
  • NBCT teacher in early adolescence science. 
  • Earned a Masters of Science in Science Education at DePaul University
  • Mother of twin pre-schoolers and a kindergartner so I understand the challenge of trying to balance it all.
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