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QTT004: Is this REALLY NGSS? 3 Key Tools for Evaluating NGSS Curriculum

Have you  been looking for high-quality instructional materials that support student instruction toward the goals of the NGSS? 

All sorts of products and programs have filled the science instructional materials marketplace, claiming  they support the NGSS, but do they really?

Beware of  buzzwords such as:

 “Students will learn with inquiry-based instruction.” 


“The lessons are based on three-dimensional teaching and learning.”

Look out for association claims like- a product prominently using NGSS colors on promotional materials or with labels proclaiming, “This product helps teachers transition to the NGSS.”

Be skeptical of  statements such as, “Our product is aligned to the NGSS.” or “This program covers all three dimensions.”

 “This product fulfills 100% of the NGSS.”

 “This product meets the NGSS innovations.”

Just because a claim is made, it...

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