In Remembrance: Interview with Margaret O'Sullivan

Presented with a new Introduction from Ellen Michalek, dear friend of Margaret and executive director of the Margaret O’Sullivan STEM Foundation:

What is the Margaret O’Sullivan STEM Foundation? We are a nonprofit organization operating under the NGSNavigators name to carry out the work that Margaret started.

NGS Navigators was founded by Margaret O’Sullivan in 2018. She had a passion for teaching science which led her to develop professional development for teachers K-12. She dove straight into the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) when they were released. She experienced, first hand, the positive transformations her students made with phenomena-based learning. This led her to become an active voice in the NGSS community. The NGS Navigators podcast became wildly popular as it provides relatable topics and endless resources for the science educator community.

We are at the one year mark when our founder and fearless leader Margaret O’Sullivan...

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A Tribute to Margaret O'Sullivan - Replay of NGSNavigators Ep. 38


This tribute to Margaret O'Sullivan features a replay of Episode 38 of the NGSNavigators Podcast. Interviewed by Todd Campbell, Margaret shared her experiences with NGSS as a 6th grade science teacher as well as the inspiration behind starting the NGSNavigators Podcast.

Margaret's legacy as the host of the NGSNavigators Podcast is one that will not be forgotten. Helping teachers and promoting science education was a passion she worked tirelessly for, and she loved sharing it with this community.

"One of the best parts of the podcast is really getting to dive deep with science education researchers, and to hear what's going on. You don't always have time, especially when you're in the school year, to sit down a read a research paper or a journal article, because they're intense. But to listen to a conversation with somebody, there's these nuggets you can get and then you can go back and read the article and get more out of it."  -Margaret O'Sullivan

It is with...

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Episode 038: Meet Your Host: Margaret O’Sullivan


Play the whole episode by clicking the play button below or finding on your podcast platform:


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Todd Campbell takes over as host today and your host Margaret O’Sullivan becomes the guest. Find out about her experiences with NGSS as a 6th grade science teacher as well as the inspiration behind starting the NGS Navigators Podcast.

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Show Highlights

  • 04:15 - 08:45    Margaret's background as a 6th grade science teacher
  • 09:00 - 16:00    What led Margaret to leave teaching & start the podcast
  • 20:00 - 27:30    NGSS By Design: PD with NGS Navigators
  • 28:00 - 32:00    Margaret's favorite moments from the first 37 episodes of the podcast & her advice for new-to-NGSS teachers

 Show Quotes 

"One of the best parts of the podcast is really...

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