Episode 015_Creating 3D Assessments with Brendan Finch



Struggling with creating NGSS 3D assessments? Meet Brendan Finch of Inner Orbit. In this episode he tells us his strategy for creating summative and formative 3D assessments and shares his most useful resources. He also tells us about Inner Orbit, an online program that helps teachers easily build and assign NGSS assessments.

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Show Notes:

  • Innerorbit is a website for teachers to build NGSS three-dimensional assessments, select questions, and assign them to their classes.
  • RocketLit is a product that customizes lessons to each student’s reading level.
  • Brendan starts his process with phenomena that aren’t easily explained, using sources like: NGSS phenomena and San Diego Country Office of Education - Project Phenomena.
  • It is great to reuse phenomena and ask new questions about it.
  • Pick one phenomena for your...
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