3 Reasons to Use Single Point Rubrics for your NGSS 3D Assessments


Why use single point rubrics for NGSS 3D Assessments?

1. Invites higher-quality meaningful feedback

Rather than choosing from a list of generic descriptions that don’t always apply, single point rubrics require teachers to specify where students need to make some adjustments and also identify notable areas of quality for that particular student. This creates personalized feedback which will more likely be read.

2. Doesn’t try to cover all the aspects of a project that could go well or poorly.

This creates more flexibility without sacrificing clarity. You no longer have to think of all the different ways students could fail or succeed.


3. Students Prefer Them.

Your students will find them easier to read. With only the target expectations to focus on, they are more likely to read those expectations and with less text they experience less overwhelm.

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