Launching NGS Navigators Podcast!

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Have you heard (literally)?! 


Okay,  okay--the first few episodes, well let's just say, I'm still trying to find my podcasting voice...but it's a start.

Each month we'll talk all things NGSS K-8 related: tips, strategies, resources, wins, struggles...

And, my favorite part, 

interviews with NGSS Experts, Actual Living Scientists, and Real K-8 teachers!

Look at some of the talented people we have lined up: 

NGSS Experts

  • Members of  the NGSS writing team: Jen Gutierrez, Dr. Cary Sneider, Kenneth Huff
  • Storylines and Driving Question Board expert: Holly Hereau 
  • iExplore Science founder: Nicole VanTassel 
  • Assistant professor of Science Education, Boston University: Dr. Eve Manz


    • Dr. Melissa Braaten (Ambitious Science Teaching) 


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