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NGSNavigators Podcast Encore #1 - Jen Gutierrez

encore ngss standards Oct 24, 2019

The NGSNavigators Podcast is one year old!

We are going to take a brief pause from posting new episodes. But not to worry! We have new podcasts with great guests in pipeline, being prepared for the very near future.

While those are in production, we wanted to take the opportunity to re-share some of our favorite early episodes. We realize a number of our followers have joined in recent months, and may not have heard these early episodes that have amazing content that will benefit any NGSS science teacher.

Today, we bring back our feature with Jen Gutierrez, a writer of NGSS, who we interviewed in November 2018 for Episode 4 of the podcast. Jen shared behind-the-scenes insights about how NGSS came together, as well as her thoughts on the challenges teachers face when turning the written standards into classroom implementation. We still use a lot of Jen’s wisdom from this episode in our approach to NGSS.

You can listen on the player above, or also find this episode here:

View a list of resources related to this episode in the original post.

Thank you for listening!

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