NGSNavigators Podcast Encore #16 - Tamashi Hettiarachchi

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We have officially introduced Tamashi Hettiarachchi as the next host of the NGSNavigators Podcast, but we want to take the time to make sure our audience has the opportunity to get to know her and learn more about her experience and expertise in science education.

Tamashi previously appeared on Episode 54 of the NGSNavigators Podcast. In this episode, she spoke with Margaret about task-based discussion and strategies for orchestrating it in the classroom. Check out the original post for more resources on this topic.

A quote from Episode 54:
"In the end, the goal is for the class discussion to become an evidence-based explanation for whatever phenomena you present to the class. And I think especially in this kind of productive talk is something that's new to the classroom, and it's important to remember that this type of talk is new for your students and new for you as a teacher, so the transition takes time. Setting discussion norms is definitely really useful in this kind of setting, and just framing questions in terms of students work." --Tamashi Hettiarachchi

About Tamashi

Tamashi Hettiarachchi is a graduate student in the Integrated Bachelors/Masters program in the Neag School of Education at the University of Connecticut. She is pursuing her teaching licensure in Chemistry and recently completed her student teaching experience.

At UConn, she will be serving as the President of Leadership in Diversity, a student organization focused on supporting pre-service teachers from historically minoritized backgrounds. She has led teacher professional development and has published her curriculum work in a national refereed journal for science teachers.

Outside of school, Tamashi enjoys hiking, reading, wearing turtleneck sweaters and eating pomegranate. Tamashi is passionate about centering the perspectives and experiences of her students, and hopes to help students recognize the intersection between science and society. With this, Tamashi plans on fostering a classroom space where the multiple identities of her students are not only tolerated but rather, affirmed.

We are thrilled to have Tamashi join us as the next host of the NGSNavigators Podcast and we're looking forward to the perspectives and insights she brings to these conversations on science education.

The podcast will return on Thursday, May 27 with a brand new episode.


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