NGSNavigators Podcast Encore #12 - Tyus D. Williams


On this podcast encore, we take a look back at Episode 35 of the NGSNavigators Podcast featuring Tyus D. Williams, a wildlife ecologist. Tyus shared with us his research on sea turtles and jaguars.

Be sure to check out the original Episode 35 blog post for these resources, show notes, and more!

Note: Tyus has asked to acknowledge and correct two mistakes made during his statements in this episode:

1. Statement: Felids are apex predators in almost every major biome.

Correction: Felids can be found in every biome on Earth and many are apex predators utilizing resources from ocean and freshwater systems as well. They are also found throughout Alaska and Canada, where some parts of the geography veer into the Arctic circle. An example of this species would be the Canada lynx.

2. Statement: There are 47 cat species.

Correction: There are 38-40 species of wild cats that are recognized.

You can listen to this episode on the player above, or also find this episode here:

View a list of NGSS resources related to this episode in the original post.

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