A Tribute to Margaret O'Sullivan - Replay of NGSNavigators Ep. 38


This tribute to Margaret O'Sullivan features a replay of Episode 38 of the NGSNavigators Podcast. Interviewed by Todd Campbell, Margaret shared her experiences with NGSS as a 6th grade science teacher as well as the inspiration behind starting the NGSNavigators Podcast.

Margaret's legacy as the host of the NGSNavigators Podcast is one that will not be forgotten. Helping teachers and promoting science education was a passion she worked tirelessly for, and she loved sharing it with this community.

"One of the best parts of the podcast is really getting to dive deep with science education researchers, and to hear what's going on. You don't always have time, especially when you're in the school year, to sit down a read a research paper or a journal article, because they're intense. But to listen to a conversation with somebody, there's these nuggets you can get and then you can go back and read the article and get more out of it."  -Margaret O'Sullivan

It is with heavy hearts that we carry forward following the passing of Margaret O'Sullivan, the host of the NGSNavigators Podcast. We invite you to read this statement from Margaret's family and the NGSNavigators staff about the future of the podcast and company.

You can listen to this episode on the player above, or also find this episode here:

View a list of NGSS resources related to this episode in the original post.

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