Episode 061: Designing an NGSS Storyline with Kate Henson


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Today we have Kate Henson from Inquiry Hub walk us through the steps of designing an NGSS storyline. She then tells us of the free NGSS high school biology units available on iHub and other opportunities for teachers offered by Inquiry Hub. (And a chemistry unit on its way!)

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Show Highlights

  • 01:30 - 10:00     Introduction to Kate and Inquiry Hub
  • 10:00 - 13:30     Moving from storylines to lesson plans
  • 13:30 - 16:00     Free biology and chemistry curriculum available on the Inquiry Hub website
  • 16:00 - 19:30     Professional development with Inquiry Hub
  • 20:30 - 23:50     Questions about and challenges with Chemistry phenomena
  • 24:00 - 29:00     Final advice from Kat

 Show Quotes 

"There are things about the [Inquiry Hub] process that we really try to take into consideration how it's going to land for kids and not just what's interesting to the adults that are in the room." [9:05-9:20] Kate Henson

"You really have to dig into the standards, and every time I engage with the standards in that way, I learn something new, or I figure something out that I didn't know I didn't know about the standards, or I come to understand them better. So I think even if you are really well-versed in NGSS I think that you can always keep learning it's really a great experience." [18:25-18:50] Kate Henson 

"I think that all of us that are engaged in doing this work hope that when kids engage in learning in this kind of way that it matters less what the facts are and matters more how they figure out those big science ideas. And so later, if they have those skills about how to investigate and figure out and ask and answer questions, then they will be able to tackle any big ideas that come to them. Because they weren't going to remember the facts that they memorized anyway when they got to college, but if they have that skill set that allows them to dig deep and figure things out they should be able to apply it to any new content.  [22:45-23:35] Kate Henson


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