Episode 043: Starting the Kindergarten School Year with NGSS with Kaia Tomokiyo

kindergarten modelling ngss Aug 14, 2019

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NGSS kindergarten teacher, Kaia Tomokiyo, shares how she dives into NGSS with her students at the beginning of the school year. She provides specific examples from the unit she starts with and discusses how she creates a culture of learning using talk moves and modelling. Perfect for getting you ready for the upcoming school year!

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Show Highlights

  • 01:30 - 06:30    Introduction to Kaia and how she starts the school year with NGSS
  • 06:30 - 15:30    Strategies for practicing modeling with kindergartners
  • 15:30 - 19:00    How Kaia fits science instruction into the school week
  • 19:30 - 25:00    Redirecting student ideas during discussion
  • 25:00 - 27:30    Using hand signs and other tactics to include all students in discussion (even the ones who don't talk)
  • 27:30 - 00:00    Kaia's advice for teachers just starting NGSS

 Show Quotes 

"I've done it [created a classroom charter] for maybe 5 or 6 years, and every time they [the students] always come up with 'I want to feel safe at school' and I want to feel included at school'."  [3:50-4:00] Kaia Tomokiyo

"Kindergartners come in and they're asking questions all the time. They want to know everything all the time. So I feel like it's my job to keep that curiosity going. And so I want them to feel like their ideas are valuable, no matter what the idea is."  [5:10-5:25] Kaia Tomokiyo

"With all of their ideas, I am just the taker of the idea. I'm not judging them or evaluating them. I'm taking them, and I'm writing them down on our chart. Just seeing it as these are all of our ideas." [21:00-21:15] Kaia Tomokiyo

"I feel like science for a lot of teachers is 'I get these two giant grey boxes in my room, and I have to send them back in three months, and there's all this stuff I have to prep...' But science doesn't have to be like that. It can just be asking a really interesting question to kids and hearing what they have to say about it." [29:30-29:50] Kaia Tomokiyo



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