Episode 041: Building Your Science Teacher Identity with Marti Canipe, PhD


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Elementary teachers often do not have a formal background in science, but many are expected to teach science. Now add in the NGSS shift from  the more traditional way science was taught, teachers are now re-creating what it means to be a science teacher. Marti Canipe, PhD is an assistant professor of elementary science education and her PhD dissertation and focus with pre-service teachers is all about building your science teacher identity. Imposter Syndrome is real but Marti Canipe is here with strategies and resources for gaining confidence as a science teacher. 

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Show Highlights

  • 02:30 - 04:00    Introduction to Marti and her PhD research
  • 04:00 - 22:00   Addressing teachers' anxieties and apprehension about science & strategies that help them feel more confident
  • 22:00 - 26:00    Shifting methods from old standards to NGSS
  • 26:30 - 28:00    Sharing your feelings about science with your students
  • 28:15 - 36:00    Resources and advice from Marti

 Show Quotes 

"I work really hard to help [teachers] develop a different vision of science teaching than maybe what they experienced in school. I think a lot about what's the vision of science teaching that they're coming up with. So my first day of class is all about what does good science teaching look like. First I have them draw a picture of a terrible science teacher, the teacher they don't want to be, and we talk about that. ... And those almost always come from some science teacher they had in their schooling." [06:00 - 06:40] Marti Canipe

"Your classroom should be a place where ideas are always being shared. You are asking kids what they're thinking at every point in a lesson. You should be talking to kids about ideas and then responding to those ideas." [11:30 - 11:45] Marti Canipe

"If they [teachers] let themselves engage in it, they really have that amazing wonder like a lot of the students do. And a lot of them will say, 'that's what I want my students to feel.' And I tell them that wonder is one of the most magical things in science, and one of the reasons we should teach science is to support wonder." [21:30 - 21:45] Marti Canipe


Links from Marti

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