Episode 032: Meet a Historical & Social Volcanologist: Jazmin Scarlett


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If you are a history buff and a geology enthusiast -- this is the episode for you! Jazmin Scarlett shares with us her research as a historical and social volcanologist. She describes her work that centers around the 1812, 1902, and 1979 volcanic eruptions of Caribbean’s St. Vincent La Soufrière.  

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 Show Highlights

  • 03:15 - 09:30    Introduction to Jazmin's research
  • 10:00 - 17:00    Exploring how volcanoes are connected to the people around them
  • 17:00 - 21:00    Rethinking "natural" disasters
  • 21:30 - 30:00    How Jazmin started studying volcanoes
  • 30:30 - 39:45    Human geography research around La Soufriére
  • 40:00 - 60:00    Jazmin's family stories of La Soufriére's 1979 eruption
  • 60:00 - 67:00    Skills Jazmins find useful for her research

 Show Quotes 

"Everyone experiences the same event differently. So it's trying to get as many voices as possible to piece together how people are impacted, not just by volcanoes, but by other hazards as well, particularly hurricanes." [17:25 - 17:45] Jazmin Scarlett

"No disasters are natural. It's down to the people that turn the hazards into a disaster, because everyone has their own experiences of it and they can either handle it very well or not at all. ... These natural disasters are actually manmade disasters, even thought they're made by nature." [18:05 - 18:25] Jazmin Scarlett

"There's no one way to end up being interdisciplinary. It's kind of just pulling together your interests and what you find interesting, and seeing if you can apply that in the scientific method." [39:05-39:20] Jazmin Scarlett



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