Episode 031: Model Based Inquiry with Todd Campbell PhD


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Todd Campbell shares with us successful strategies and resources to use when implementing model based inquiry in your NGSS classroom. He describes ways to guide students through the sense making process. Check out the show notes below for links to unit templates with this framework as well as other useful resources mentioned in the show.

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 Show Highlights

  • 02:15 - 06:30    Developing structures for NGSS instruction
  • 06:45 - 14:00    Telling and interactive direct instruction
  • 14:10 - 16:40    Discourse strategies in the classroom
  • 17:00 - 28:00    Addressing "errors" or "misconceptions" in student models
  • 28:30 - 35:00    Assessment and grading for model-based inquiry
  • 35:30 - 39:00    Modeling as a central sense-making practice
  • 39:00 - 43:30    NGSS implementation in Connecticut and with pre-service teachers
  • 44:00 - 50:00    Resources for NGSS instructors

 Show Quotes 

"There are conceptual ideas that we can help students be introduced to and then give them space to pick up those ideas and see how powerful they are." [10:10 - 10:20] Todd Campbell

"We want as much as possible to make sure we see student ideas as stepping stones. We think that those ideas are going to be the foundation for them to develop stronger, more complex ideas. But we do expect that we'll see ideas expressed early--and even maybe sometimes later--that may not align with the target explanation of phenomenon created before the unit." [17:35 - 18:05] Todd Campbell

"We see models as the sense-making practice that's kind of the central practice even though we know lots of other practices come around it. But those models are just there to help us make sense and to build an evidence-based explanation. So we can use those models and we can come up with rubrics to assess those models. But we've moved a little bit a way from that. We want those models to be sense-making tools. So they'll create one early. They'll revisit it mid-unit. They'll refine it at the end. All this is happening in group work. But the ultimate aim of this is that it will position them to be ready to make an evidence-based explanation." [30:55-31:35] Todd Campbell

"What really is compelling to me is that it's the Next Generation Science Standards, it's our standards, but it really feels like it's a more authentic representation of what science is. So we give students chances to experience that as they construct knowledge that hopefully would be meaningful across their lifespan." [51:00-51:20] Todd Campbell


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