Episode 029: NGSS Storylines, Vocabulary, and More with Jason Crean, MS Bio, EdD


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Our guest today, Jason Crean, EdD shares with us the powerful impacts NGSS storylines have on student learning. He share what works in a NGSS high school classroom shares many resources for teachers such as where to get high quality NGSS aligned units.

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 Show Highlights

  • 02:00 - 08:00   Common teacher misconceptions about NGSS
  • 08:30 - 09:45   Front-loading vocabulary vs a 'Less is More' strategy
  • 10:15 - 16:00   Training teachers in NGSS storylines + storyline examples
  • 16:15 - 21:45   Three-dimensional assessment with NGSS
  • 22:00 - 24:30   NGSS in the eyes of administrators
  • 25:00 - 30:45   Resources for implementing + adjusting NGSS storylines
  • 31:00 - 33:00   Creating your driving question board from student questions

 Show Quotes 

"So now, we're expecting to show something and trust that the kids can try and figure it out. And that trust part is really hard for the traditional teacher. We hear often, 'Kids can't...' 'My kids can't...' 'I never trusted kids until I started doing the storyline work.' It just blows my mind what kids can do. And if you use the right phenomenon they will get to where you want them to go." [5:45 - 6:05] Jason Crean, EdD

"I just want my kids to be able to think through problems. Every time I get on social media, I see many generations that can't figure out problems. They take a headline; they spit it back out. There's no evidence, there's nothing. They just say what they see. And we want kids to think deeply so that they know the difference." [7:00 - 7:20] Jason Crean, EdD

"If you want change, you have to get rid of the old, and you need to allow a few years of development and feeling your way through. And letting go of that almighty common assessment is often where you need to start. But administrators that don't have a science background--this is really challenging for them because it's messy." [23:05 - 23:25] Jason Crean, EdD

"We're trying to get kids collaborating and talking and having the kids doing the heavy lifting instead of me standing up there delivering information. Those days are over." [33:05 - 33:15] Jason Crean, EdD



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