Episode 011_Scientific Method and NGSS: With Nicole Van Tassel




A common concern heard about NGSS is that the scientific method is missing! Meet Nicole VanTassel, a middle school/high school NGSS science educator and educational consultant. In this episode, Nicole VanTassel helps to clarify concerns that there is no scientific method in the Next Generation Science standards. She also shares her  favorite NGSS teacher resources.

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 Show Notes:

  • Introduction of Nicole VanTassel, Middle school/High School science teacher and educational consultant and founder of I Explore Science
  • Learn where about the scientific method´s presence in Next Generation Science Standard
  • The history of the scientific method and how it applies to science today.
  • The role of the scientific method in the modern day classroom
  • The scientific method is traditionally taught in an isolated way, as a "cookie cutter process".  This is ineffective and outdated. 
  • Why Nicole pushes students to pick a project that they do not know the answer to when participating in a science fair.
  • NGSS assessments should be three dimensional
  • Allow students to explore their ideas before we give them the answer.
  • NGSS will transform science instruction

3 Key Points:

  1. The scientific method is important but it is critical that we do not teach it in isolation.
  2. NGSS changes how you are teaching.
  3. The scientific method is important but it is critical to teach it in a way that can be of benefit to the students using the Science and Engineering practices.

Resources Mentioned:

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