Episode 010_Meet a Mechanical Engineer: Cody Machler




Meet Cody Machler, a mechanical engineer in the aerospace industry.  His experience falls in every phase of the product life cycle (requirements definition, design, build, test, etc). In this episode we discuss what the engineering design process looks like in his work. We also discuss what skills Cody sees that students need to have in order to be successful as an engineer. You’ll be happy to hear that these skills are similar to what goes on in an NGSS designed classroom.

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Show Notes:

  • Introduction of Cody Machler, a mechanical engineer in the aerospace industry.
  • The different types and roles of engineers and how they work together
  • Being an engineer, verbal and writing skills are critical to clear communication
  • Why knowing how to document your work is important
  • New hires are more theoretical in their knowledge and lack hands-on experience
  • Why there needs to be more focus on hands-on experience in the classroom
  • How learning hands-on processes and laboratories can impact the transition from school to work-force
  • Hardware engineering is much different from tech engineering
  • Why younger engineers are not keen on documenting their work
  • Communication is key
  • It is perfectly fine to say ´I don´t know, but Ill find out.¨
  • Why our students need to know it is ok to say ¨I don´t know¨
  • What you should know when you are choosing your specific engineering discipline: mechanical engineering vs aerospace engineering

3 Key Points:

  1.  Even though science and math are extremely important, scientists and engineers need to be able to communicate, effectively and concisely. Communication is key in the work place.
  2. Students need to have more hands-on experience in the classroom to ease the classroom to work force transition.
  3. Students should be able to document their work and be ok with saying that they don't know the answer at times. 

 Resources Mentioned:

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