Episode 009_Storylines and Driving Question Board with Holly Hereau


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Host Margaret O´Sullivan sits with Holly Hereau. Holly Hereau has been teaching high school science since 2004. In addition to teaching, Holly works as an NGSX facilitator and a Next Generation Science Storylines consultant. In this episode, Holly tells us about her shift to teaching with storylines. She provides helpful tips and resources for teachers looking to use storylines and driving question boards in their NGSS classroom.

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**UPDATE: Congratulations to Holly for earning the 2019 Michigan Science Teacher of the Year Award!!!

  Show Notes:

  • Introduction of Holly Hereau, high school science teacher who teaches with Storylines.
  • What is a storyline? A storyline beings with an anchoring phenomenon and proceeds from there.
  • Hear about the positive changes Storylines create in the classroom.
  • Storylines start with the phenomenon rather than traditional teaching which might end with the phenomenon.
  • Learn how creating a question board drives the storyline.
  • The questions then lead to the next investigation about the anchoring phenomenon
  • Listen to tips and advice for teachers shifting into Storyline teaching
  • Storyline teaching takes time and this can be a challenge for teachers who are put on a timeline
  • How Holly uses performance expectations through storylines
  • Learn how to grade students with standards based grading
  • This method gets students away from being grade oriented

An example of a driving question board ^ 

Holly hangs up the DQB from classes that are not in front of her (she teaches high school) a coat rack looking thing with clips. See picture below.

Search #drivingquestionboard #drivingquestionboards and/or #DQB on twitter and instagram to find more examples and add yours! 

3 Key Points:

  1.  Storylines start with an anchoring phenomenon and is driven by students questions.
  2. Driving question boards are an excellent way to document these questions. 
  3. This method is harder to grade. However, it gets students away from being so grade oriented and more focused on learning.

Resources Mentioned:

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