Episode 008_Meet Science Sam: Biologist Samantha Yammine



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Host Margaret O´Sullivan meets Toronto’s Science Sam! Learn about Samantha Yammine’s PhD research in Dr. Derek van der Kooy's Neurobiology Research Group investigating some of the first cells of the brain - neural stem cells. Continue the conversation in our Facebook Group, NGS Navigators, and be entered to win a model brain for your classroom! 

Show Notes:

  • Introduction of Samantha Yammine, Science Sam.
  • Her research is based on neuro brain cells and their development
  • Details on how a PhD program works
  • One important part of the scientific process: what are the alternatives if your hypothesis is wrong?
  • The research Samantha does is good for brain injuries, alzheimer's disease, or other degenerative diseases.
  • PhD looks to see which pharmaceuticals are activating brain cells and how the stem cells build the cells in our brain
  • Sam recounts her experience holding a preserved brain in her hands
  • It weighs only 3 to 4 pounds but it holds billions of cells
  • How information is shared at conferences
  • A good skill students should practice is explaining a topic quickly and concisely.
  • There is not one path after you finish your PhD program.
  • Encourage students to pursue questions and alternatives.
  • Many students want more hands on experience
  • There needs to be less memorizing and more problem based solving

3 Key Points:

  1. Samantha is currently doing PhD work within neurobiology.
  2. She gives an inside look into a modern day PhD program and the study of neurology. 
  3. Inside of a classroom, there needs to be less memorizing and more hands on experience and problem solving.

Resources Mentioned:

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