Episode 007_Meet a Marine Biologist: Melissa Marquez



Host Margaret O´Sullivan sits down with guest Melissa Marquez. Melissa Marquez is a moving force in STEM. Currently completing her PhD on sharks and their relatives, she is an advocate for Latina scientists, ocean literacy, and science literacy. She has been featured on Shark Week, and she is currently hosting her own podcast, Conciencia Azul, and writing her first book series. Margaret and Melissa discuss why an inclusive STEM education is important.

 Show Notes:

  •  Introduction of Guest Melissa Marquez, Candidate for PhD
  • Why interview a scientist?
  • Clearing-up misconceptions about sharks, rays, and stingrays
    • 500 different species of sharks
  • Melissa strives to clear up the misconceptions of these predators
  • How sharks are considered gods in folklore
  • Fins United initiative 
  • Melissa founded Fins United to make a dent in creating educational resources about oceans
  • Fins United's goal is to promote ocean literacy
  • Conciencia Azul, a marine science conservation podcast, highlights Latinx scientists and promotes inclusion
  • Melissa is in the process of writing a series of young Adult fiction bilingual books focused on STEM
  • Which skills are important for  students interested in the science field: English, Math, Science but also extra-curriculars like computer science. Being able to communicate science is critical.
  • Melissa was able to be on the show, Shark Week. During night diving, Melissa got taken by a crocodile!
  • Teachers are important in communicating the different opportunities available for students.

3 Key Points:

  1. An inclusive STEM education promoting scientific literacy is crucial.
  2. There are many misconceptions about sea life and Melissa strives to demystify them.
  3. Teachers play an important role in communicating opportunities available to all of their students. 

 Resources Mentioned:

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