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Our NGSS professional development is specifically designed for teachers who don't have time for professional development. We pledge to deliver a high quality professional learning opportunity that is...


No fluff, no fillers, no awkward ice breakers. Our short teaching modules and action plans get right to the point so you can immediately implement what you learn into your classroom. Our content is available in video, pdf, and mp3 formats making our professional development easily accessible.  

No awkward ice breakers?! I'm in.


Our step by step process will take you from an NGSS Newbie to the science teacher you are meant to be! We follow the Science Professional Learning Standards ensuring a high quality professional learning opportunity. We guide you through our 5 phases (inspired by the EQuIP Rubric) but you control the pace.

I'd like more information about the 5 phases.


Collaborate and share resources with dedicated science teachers. Ask questions and get answers right away. Compete in challenges (with prizes)! After all, teachers deserve to have fun while learning too! 


I'm listening...tell me more about these Q&A sessions.

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