Inspired by the legacy of founder Margaret O’Sullivan, NGSNavigators will continue as a nonprofit dedicated to supporting K-12 science educators. This work will include the restart of the NGSNavigators Podcast.

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NGSNavigators was founded by Margaret O’Sullivan in 2018. Her passion for teaching science led her to develop a professional development program that is efficient, effective, equitable and engaging for K-12 science educators. She soon became an active voice in the NGSS community and began a widely popular podcast and designing a course to help guide teachers in their journey to create their own effective NGSS lessons and units. 

Margaret passed away in March 2020 following a courageous battle with cancer. The outpouring of love and support we saw from science educators following her tragic passing confirmed to us the immense impact that her work had on this community. Inspired by her legacy, we have decided to continue the work that Margaret started. We have reorganized NGSNavigators into a nonprofit in order to maximize our commitment to providing content and programs that best serve this amazing community.

During the first part of 2021 we ran a campaign to raise our initial funding goal of $10,000. You helped us reach our goal in just two months.

Because of this funding we are able to begin operations and move toward recording new episodes of the NGSNavigators Podcast. We continue to be amazed by this great support from the community of science educators. Thank you!

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The Podcast

Margaret developed the high-quality and much beloved NGSNavigators Podcast for science teachers, with interviews and insights from science education researchers, writers of NGSS, NGSS teachers, and scientists. This weekly podcast was a staple in the community of science educators and is an important part of Margaret's legacy. Because of this, we are committed to producing new episodes of the NGSNavigators podcast that will be informative about issues that impact teachers and reflect on real-life lessons taught in the classroom.

*" Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) is a registered trademark of Achieve. Neither Achieve nor the lead states and partners that developed the Next Generation Science Standards were involved in the production of this product, and do not endorse it.”


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